IV week in New York (2009.10)

2009.10.06, tue- looking for a job @ .. village.. GYM.. supermarket.. dinner- polpette mmm..

2009.10.05, monday- looking for a job @ Manhattan.. Gym... eating the best Farafel..

2009.10.04, Sunday- no work.. stress... looking for a job.. stress.. pizza @ "Daniela" manhattan.. meeting people at 52th- beautiful view of New York from up..

2009.10.03- Saturday .. 20 dol.. supermarket.. home.. going out (@ Heaters brooklyn)..home alone?..

2009.10.02, Friday- at home.. laundry.. pc.. gym?.. high bar..

2009.10.01, Thursday - gnocchi.. gym.. cacao @ Starbucks... book.. cinema- Surrogates.. at home- Cougar Town.. Eastwick..


2009.09.30, wednesday- work @ "Da Marino"..
just a glass of red wine spilled.. :).. regular job.. started to be cold here...

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