6th week @ new york (2009.10.14- 2009.10.20)

2009.10.20, Tuesday
Upper West side..River park- so so beautiful there.. gym... waiting.. cheesecake.. notte bianca..

2009.10.19, Monday
Central park.. borders knigynas Eddie Torres salsa on2 ... Times square..

2009.10.18, Sunday
apartment for rent.. steinway..sweather.. gym.. Starbucks.. @ REMI.. pasta to go.. home.. missing to be with people..

2009.10.17, Saturday-
day off- called in.. new shoes!-not getting cold anymore :)... gym alone.. party.. Warwick..

2009.10.16, Friday-
a break together.. gym alone.. eddie torres salsa.. Blockheads

2009.10.15, Thursday-
interview @ Bella Vitta.. together @ starbucks.. raining.. cold.. warm @ home.. supermarket.. cleaning shows..

2009.10.14, wednesday
interview.. GYM.. pasta buona a casa hmm...

can't believe one more week has passed...

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