"Šilko kelias"..

Martynas Starkus
"Šilko kelias arba 10 000 kilometrų su „Pagieža“"

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Agota Kristof Man tas pats

Agota Kristof Man tas pats / C'est égal (2005)
Agota Kristof, vengrų kilmės, prancūziškai rašanti šveicarų rašytoja, gimė 1935 m. mažame miestelyje prie sienos su Austrija. 1956 m. po vengrų sukilimo su vyru išvyko į Šveicariją, ten gyvena iki šiol.


Premier Salsa Dance School in Lithuania. Salsa Courses for Beginners start in September. More info:


rytoj pats tas

Faiza Guene- Rytoj pats tas - Kiffe kiffe demain

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HUNG- happiness consultant :)
Hung is a comedy series from HBO. It stars Thomas Jane as Ray Drecker, a struggling suburban Detroit high school basketball coach who had to resort to prostitution.


Wedding Crachers

about in english:
in lithuanian:
"Anyway, I saw this widow and she's a wreck. She has just lost the person she loved the most in this world and I realized we're all going to lose the people we love. That's the way it is, but not me. Not right now. Because the person *I* love the most is standing right here and I'm not ready to lose you yet."

"Jeremy Grey: Gloria, I've been doing a lot of soul searching recently, and I think I'm ready to take this relationship, our relationship to the next level.
Gloria Cleary: Jeremy, I am so ready to take it to the next level.
Jeremy Grey: Really?
Gloria Cleary: Yeah. Do you want to watch me with another girl? How about those Brazilian twins we met at the ball game?
Jeremy Grey: I was thinking more along the lines of an engagement.
Gloria Cleary: Oh Jeremy, I do!"