V week in New York (2009.10)

2009.10.13, Tuesday-
craigslist... gym ... MoMA shop- beautiful..!.. post office (52th W).. supermarket.. home..The Simpsons..

2009.10.12- Monday
ZARA.. sandwich.. 8th st Kmart.. Eddie's Torres salsa class on2!... craigslist.. Desperate Housewives.. Lost.. sleep...

2009.10.11 Sunday-
return to GAP...Sunday Market.. hostess@ Tre Colori!

2009.10.10.- Saturday
going but not going to a casting. :( GYM.. home.. Iguaga Caffee chocolate martini.

2009.10.09, Friday-
Maria Torres salsa class on2.. a beer @ Iguana caffee..

2009/10/13 Tuesday

2009.10.08, thursday-
gym.. job hunting. upper east side- not in the mood :((
dinner at home.. hmmm :) new clothes.. :).. my favorite tv shows.. :)

2009.10.07, Wednesday-
hostess @ Trattoria tre Colori

getting cold here.. 4 weeks- 3 days of work?:(((.. (hostess @ Milano bistro; Server @ Da Marino (ugly place).. hostess @ Tre colori..- a very nice place..)

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