One winter day.. Dinner..

Focaccia muffins..

by Liora L.:
''Foccacia muffins

4-5 dl flour
1/2 packet of dry yeast
1 ts salt
1 ts sugar
1 handful of fresh basil leaves
4-5 sundried tomatoes, chopped
2 1/2 lukewarm water
1/2 dl oil (I usually use a good olive oil)

Set the oven to 230-250 degrees
Mix all the ingredients to a sticky dough 
Leave the dough to rise ca. 15 minutes
Fill a muffin tray (or muffin cups). 
Top with a bit of sea salt (maldon) and fresh rosemary (or Provence spices)
Drizzle with a bit of oil on top
In the oven 12-15 minutesYou can also make a bread, then in the oven for 18 minutes''

Dried tomatoes and cheese spread..

chopped dried tomatoes in oil, grated cheese (semi - hard preferably)
mixed  with the oil from dried tomatoes..
good with a bread toast.. or focaccia muffins :)

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