Surio apkepas- Cheese pie (not sweet)

I had some products in the fridge I wanted to use, so my solution- a cheese pie :)

250 g fermented cheese (I used Norsk Gulost)
5 t. spoons of semolina 
100 ml milk for semolina 
1 egg
5 t. spoons flour
150 g cottage cheese 
1 t. spoon natural yogurt

I grated the cheese. Mixed semolina with milk. Left it to soak in for 10 min. Meanwhile mixed all the ingredients: grated cheese, cottage cheese, egg, yogurt, flour. It can be blended with kitchen-blender so the pie is more smooth.
After mixing everything together, I coated the baking form with some butter (the form I had was too big- so the pie got too thin).
around 25 min 200 °C


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