Comfort zone..

There's no growth in the COMFORT ZONE,
and no comfort in the growth zone.

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"First, I’ll start by declaring your comfort zone – it is not a physical zone, more like a state of mind – in which you are comfortable. It could be your home, your room or at the local bus. Note that you are not pressured when you are in your comfort zone, and you have total control over the situation. When you’re in your comfort zone, you are familiar with the environment and nothing is new.

Self-growth occurs out of your comfort zone. <...> When you are in your comfort zone, you are not learning nor growing. Doing what you already do will not get you forward. In order to grow, you must do the things that you don’t do now – it could be approaching a girl you fancy or launching a business venture.

Think about every achievements you have gained in your life – I bet most if not all of them are the result of doing something new, rather than sticking to your old habits.
So, what new experiences will you have today?
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