the best vacation..

the taste of real coffee..
that's what I've missed a lot..:)
p.s. nusprendus, pasidare iskart viskas lengviau ir taip paprasta megautis :)

2009.12.09, Wednesday
liked: the dinner with mussels and sidra.. also good lunch.. gym.. shoppinmg.. The Christmas spirit in the center of Barcelona..
disliked: that smoking is not forbidden in bars and other places.. :(

2009.12.10, Thursday
liked: reading a book on the sunny seaside in the morning.. long walking.. diner salad.. gym..
disliked: the reality about you..

2009.12.10, Friday
liked: eating fresh fruits.. gym.. going out..
dislike: I. working too much

2009.12.11, Saturday
liked: gym.. spanish dinner!.. going out- a small place with salsa music!.. cooking- aubergines with eggs and cheese..

2009.12.12, Sunday
like: to be able to stay in bed when it's cold outside.. cooking- chicken in lemon with avocado... Tapas, Cidra. hot chocolate :)!
dislike: the weather :(

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